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To help our customers get a better understanding about what is involved in the pool resurfacing procedure we offer the following step-by-step rundown with pictures to illustrate. (Average size pool takes 5 days to complete.)

Day One

  1. Turn off all electric to pool (breakers off).
  2. Drain pool with commercial size gas powered pump (drained normally to the street).
Day One - Draining a Pool
Draining a Pool
  1. Secure pool, remove drain plug once pool is drained (ensures pool shell will not pop or shift).
  2. Preparation of pool interior by:
    • Grinding 1/4" to 1/2" clearance around all tile and fixtures
    • Removing any loose or hollow areas of marcite
    • Acid etch entire pool surface and hose off
    • Bond coat entire pool surface with resin bond agent
Day One - Bond Coat Applied Day One - Bond Coat Applied
Bond Coat Applied
Day One - Bond Coat Applied

Day Two

  1. After pool is hosed down and cleaned of any debris, material is brought to pool.
  2. Bags of material, i.e. Sunstone, will be mixed in mixer curbside at the home.
  3. Mixer is turned off and material is pumped backed to pool and spread evenly throughout the pool shell (walls + floor).
  4. Material is now worked, spread, and smooth trolled.
3 Live Crew.JPG 1livecrew.JPG
pool renovation 7.JPG pool renovation 11.JPG
pool renovation 12.JPG pool renovation 21.JPG


  1. Material is allowed to set up (harden) and then pool surface is washed down with hose and brushed to expose aggregate. It is very important that new pool surface is water washed as opposed to acid washed.  It is slightly more work for us but we will provide our customers with a much better finish - no streaking.  To summarize: Acid Washing Streaks - Water Washing doesn't 
Day Two - Preparing for Washdown Day Two - Preparing for Washdown
Preparing to Wash Down
Day Two - Washdown of Surface Day Two - Washdown of Surface
Wash Down of Surface
  1. Excess water is pumped out of the pool. Main drain plug and new drain grate are installed and pool is now ready to be refilled.
  2. Hose is left in pool to fill.

Day Three & Four

  1. Pool will fill (depending on pool size and water pressure, filling time can vary from 1-2 days).

Day Five

  1. Pool is now filled and ready for chemicals.
  2. All power (electrical) is turned back on (breakers on) and timer is reset.
  3. All necessary initial start up chemicals are added to the pool.
  4. Any clean up of job site is done at this time (i.e. cleaning of tile, etc.).