Pool and Deck Finishes

Swimming Pool Finishes

A swimming pool finish can best be described as a top coating that is applied over an approximately 6" gunite (concrete) pool shell. A pool finish is applied to complete the pool and give it cosmetic appeal. The most traditional time tested and proven way to finish a pool is with a cement finish. Over 90% of all pools have cement finishes. The following are pool finishes we apply with a brief description of each.


This finish has been used in pools for many many years. Up to the mid to late 1980s it was a given that when a pool was built and refinished it would have a marcite finish. Today marcite finishes are not considered what they once were. Since the mid to late 80s marcite has undergone some changes. The major change being that asbestos is no longer in the mix. This has altered the longevity of marcite dramatically. It has gone from having an average life of 12-14 years to now averaging about 5 years.

SunStone (Premium Quartz Finish)

Manufactured by CLI, this finish over the past 15 years has become one of the most requested pool finishes. This pool finish is best described as durable, comfortable, easily maintained, and pleasing to the eye. SunStone combines natural quartz aggregates, polymer-modified cement and non-fading 3M color quartz in a stunning variety of colors. The result is a unique finish that stands up to the harshest pool environments while providing years of enjoyment with an estimated average life of 15-20 years.

SunStone Pearl & CrystalStones (Premium Pebble Finishes)

We offer pebble finishes, more specifically CLI's SunStone Pearl and CrystalStones. Both of these beautiful finishes elegantly combine the unparalleled beauty of natural pebble aggregates with brilliant colors and durability to create a stunning poolscape environment. SunStone Pearl and CrystalStones are magnificent alternatives to traditional plaster and exposed aggregate finishes. Both also carry a lifetime warranty and will keep your pool looking beautiful for countless years.


Deck Finishes

A deck (patio) finish is a top coating that is applied over an approximately 4" concrete slab or foundation. This finish, much like a pool finish, is done to a complete deck giving it a finished look as well as cosmetic appeal. The following are deck finishes we apply with brief descriptions of each.

Deck Finishes

Refinishing a Deck

Kool Deck
(Standard Finish)

Used for many years and considered the standard deck finish. Kool Deck is a combination of sand and cement (with color added) which is mixed and then evenly troweled over concrete. Various stipple patterns are then added into wet mix to give the finished look. Kool Deck is considered an average maintenance finish. It also is susceptible to wearing and color fade within a couple of years of application.

(Premium Finish)


This acrylic texture finish has become the number one choice for many homeowners who have opted to renovate their deck and patio areas. Low maintenance and great bonding are two major reasons why this finish has become popular. Once applied it also will be a non skid-cool to the touch surface. Duracrete finished combines strength and beauty to give you a deck.

Texture Close-Up

Cantilever Texture

Cantilever Texture

Deck Stain

Deck Stain/Sealer Colors

Thin & Thick Brick Pavers

A rich and elegant pool deck available in various designs and color schemes.

Samples on request.